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True Engineering Supervision Ltd.   (further ТЕS) provides highly qualified services to private and public customers as well as investors, for engineering support of construction in various branches of economy. Company has an experience in implementation of large projects such as: Construction, modernization and rehabilitation of urban infrastructure, performance of consulting services for development, modernization and construction in the fields of energy, environmental safety of industrial facilities, environmental protection, social and gender studies and so on.
True Engineering Supervision Ltd. emphasizing on cost-optimized and customer-oriented work with maximum flexibility in solving problems, and competes with internationally-recognized companies in the implementation of EPC and FIDIC contracts in CIS.
Advantages of TES    
Every branch of economy has its own peculiarities which are dictated by different requirements and principles of work. Specialists of TES are well oriented about these differences. Industry experts and managers of company, who work with key clients, speak with clients in the same industry language. TES supports the public sector through the professional construction project well as a consultant on the issues in cost-functional optimization of construction object and optimization of its energy consumption. TES guarantees professional project implementation - from identification, preparation, and structuring to adjustment of realization and monitoring of project results.
In a condition of growing competition and price pressure, TES obviously identifies problems, highlights it to the client, then defines effective measures and, together with the client, carries out their implementation. Moreover, TES offers to client its technical, construction and commercial knowledge. TES has its own highly qualified specialists in all 12 territorial units of Uzbekistan and also in all Central Asian countries through the optimal localization system.

Work sphere

Oil and Gas Industry - infrastructure development of oil and gas fields, construction of main pipelines, roads and driveways of refineries, compressor stations, central collection points etc.;

Energy Industry - main power networks, overhead and cable power transmission lines, HPP, TPP, TPP, distribution substations;

Transportation - highway, railway, flyover and roads, traffic interchanges, overpasses, bridges and pedestrian crossings and etc.;

Utility Sphere - water supply and sewerage infrastructure, treatment facilities and reservoirs, water distribution center and water intake structure, storage tanks, the organization of solid waste, etc.;

Agriculture – construction and modernization of irrigation systems, productive infrastructure of crop and livestock sectors

TES will provide the effective management and more optimal selection of construction process and will not allow unreasonable expenses to appear in construction.


To provide high quality and well-timed consulting and engineering services, which completely satisfies the need of customer, and it is achieved by:

Systematic study of innovations and analysis of market trends
Continuous improvement of the skills of personnel and development of tools to be used
In-depth analysis and critical evaluation of conducted activities and result of the work
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