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Every branch of economy has its own peculiarities which are dictated by different requirements and principles of work. Specialists of TES are well oriented about these differences. Industry experts and managers of company, who work with key clients, speak with clients in the same industry language.
TES supports the public sector through the professional construction project well as a consultant on the issues in cost-functional optimization of construction object and optimization of its energy consumption.
TES guarantees professional project implementation - from identification, preparation, and structuring to adjustment of realization and monitoring of project results.
In a condition of growing competition and price pressure, TES obviously identifies problems, highlights it to the client, then defines effective measures and, together with the client, carries out their implementation. Moreover, TES offers to client its technical, construction and commercial knowledge.
TES has its own highly qualified specialists in all 12 territorial units of Uzbekistan and also in all Central Asian countries through the optimal localization system.

Services True Engineering Supervision

Consulting and management in design, construction and facilities operation
The company offers comprehensive range of services, which covers consulting, design and project management in construction industry, as followings:
  • Consulting services in preparation of project proposals / PPTA
  • Project management support
  • Engineering, including construction supervision and control measurement / Work with the executive documentation
  • Consulting in the field of Environmental, Health and Safety issues.
TES provides a competent consulting and engineering services during design, construction and operation of facilities, because of its existing integrated approach of providing services. Verification of work performance against project requirements and tender documentation, results of engineering survey, requirements of urban land development plan and technical regulations in order to ensure safety of buildings and facilities. TES carries out technical audit of construction and installation works conformity with requirements of project, contract and normative - technical documentation, including cost of construction, actually executed works and price for materials and control measurement. Analysis and audit of estimate documentation, feasibility of construction or reconstruction cost. The survey of separate construction structures and facilities.
Технический Надзор включает в себя:
  1. Participation in  preparation of tender/bid documentation and tendering /bidding process ;
  2. Quality Control of executed construction and installation works;
  3. Control of executive documents completion  ;
  4. Control  the compliance of construction and installation works with technology;
  5. Identification of defects and deficiencies in the operation and monitoring of their elimination;
  6. Acceptance of executed construction-installation works;
  7. Drawing up the acts of works, which have been executed with inconsistencies;
  8. Delivery of progress report to the Employer for each reporting period;
  9. Incoming  quality and quantity control of construction materials;
  10. Monitoring of hidden works execution, its acceptance and activation;
  11. Supervision of  critical structure installation , acceptance and activation;
  12. Control of correct warehousing of construction materials and verification of consumption;
  13. Control of unacceptable outage time of construction works;
  14. Daily reporting to the Customer on construction progress;
  15. Control over observance of safety Regulations and Safety;      
  16. Assistance in the preparation of documents necessary for delivery of objects for operation;
  17. Informing the Customer about admitted and corrected violations, the volume and cost of executed, accepted or rejected works with annex of supporting documents, acts and executive documentation;
  18. Providing the information to the client, about all identified violations or deviations from the project in the construction process.
  19. Photo images: hidden and other works, current state of the object. Performance of results, both printed and in electronic form.


Control measurement includes:
    1. Determination of quality compliance of construction works with applicable codes and regulations;
    2. Determination of actual executed works and used materials;
    3. Conformity of actual scope of executed work with the scope, specified in the acts of acceptance of executed works;
    4. Checking the operational readiness of object;
    5. Checking the scope and expenses of unfinished construction and installation works;
    6. Verification of the equipment availability and cost.

    Optimization and management of infrastructure projects

    Providing services for optimization and management of infrastructure projects, TES supports public and private investors in initiating, planning and realizing the target goals.

    1. Consulting in engineering infrastructure
    2. Consulting in geotechnical study
    3. Consulting in Gender and Social survey related to determination of project influence on population, or if it is necessary, population resettlement for project implementation.
    4. Consulting in environmental investigations and protection of industrial objects
    5. Works with executive documentation.

    Nowadays, the public interest in this area is higher, which requires from TES team, especially delicate preparation during project implementation.

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